Storm v Devils


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The walk from the changing rooms to the bench is notorious in Coventry for fans hurling abuse at passing visiting players. Very tempting to give one a smack but of course you can’t do that.

oops - my mistake. I momentarily thought they were in Coventry. The above still true though.
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Not a great second period by this teams recent standards. Storm are giving everything to try and keep up. I think they will tire in the third. Only Ginn could win this match for the Storm but I think Cox Sandford and Waller will beat him again.
I completely agree with the comments re McNally. I very much agree with Wannabe and share his enthusiasm for the team this year. We are on course to be a really exciting team, and McNallys tough guy attitude is a big part of that. We are really missing that in the devils, especially last season. I really think having an enforcer this year is a good thing, even if he misses some games. However I agree that arguing with the fans is a sure fire way to get massive suspensions. We can have an enforcer AND be disciplined in my opinion.

How is Carruth looking? I love that guy! He was getting involved in the fisticuffs yesterday. Thank you for the Updates mate!