steelers Vs Devils - 8 Mar 20 - Challenge Cup Final Spectacular


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Well that was an absolute shambles of a period.....a shadow of the team that was playing on Friday night!

Can’t put a decent pass together, hardly had a decent shot on goal. Crap defending!

Steelers look well up for this and their fans are making 80% of the noise!


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Sheffield have come into this match with a game plan, which they didn't appear to have on Friday. The devils have had problems all season when they've struggled to get clean zone entry. I hope this isn't chickens coming home to roost.

I'm really hoping someone leaves a Connolly shaped imprint on the glass.

I can't help feeling bownsy should have done better with the first, but the second was a clever move.


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Consistency is everything. It's often been an issue for our Team this season..... they lay everything on the line for a good result in a huge game and then have little in the tank for the game immediately after that.

Really hoping our Guys can regroup and get organised quickly in this game. Steelers are motivated for all the right reasons and you can bet Fox will have made them learn a very different game plan from the last game.

Steelers are not a million miles better... Devils have to keep believing in themselves like they did on Friday.
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