So, I've started a Devils page on FB...


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Hope I'm not breaking any forum rules by mentioning this but I'm already pretty hyped for the new hockey season with the new signings and pre-season fixtures, and have created a Facebook page to chat Devils, NHL, Fire, pretty much whatever.

If anyone's interested, it's called Talk of the Devils ( ... 2284198411), feel free to like and post/link anything Devils/hockey related.

Haven't been on the inferno that much recently but I saw this post and I just gave the page a like but it seems to have been inactive for a while...

Have you stopped posting? I hope not because I think facebook could do with more fan-run ice hockey pages as I think they promote the sport and the community. Keep it up!


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Thanks for post and I appreciate the like.

It has been a bit inactive because there hasn't been much interest, but you're right about promoting the sport and community; I'll make it more active again and give it some more time.

I was initially going to start a blog but figured not many people commit to blogs these days and a Facebook page would be a more direct way.

Thanks for the positive vibe though!