Signings Thread - All Teams 2022/23


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That will never happen.
As soon as a signing is made and posted on here people will talk about it on here and somewhere along the line that signing will go off topic .
No thread on any forum I have been a part of has ever stayed on topic (that's not my fault by the way) :)
It's the way of forums.


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Actually it is something that I've actively done in the past, posts that haven't been related to the signing I've shifted over to another thread. Otherwise we end up with 3 threads all with the same content because of the reasons you've said @Kevlar68

I'll try and tidy it up later, haven't seen any signings other than coaches, or GMs even at the moment?


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We need as many off the GB team playing at the highest level they can. The elite league isn't really great prep for the world champs.


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But now is as good a time as they will ever have as all the major players from all the top countries are still involved with the NHL playoffs.