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So, who do we think this will be tomorrow? I'd love it to be fournier or McNamee, but I'm thinking duggan, Myers or batch.


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Great news. Josh is a unique player -can play on offence or defence seamlessly and uses his size very smartly. Hopefully, after Matthew's career celebration this year, there will be a testimonial for Josh next. Goodness knows he deserves it.


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Very glad to see him back. My one wish ? I hope our new coach can get him to play as if his life depended on it ! I often feel he plays within himself ( maybe under orders, who knows ) he is obviously capable of playing a more aggressive game and has done in a few games over the years, and I mean controlled aggression not losing his temper !


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I find it weird how they are doing a interview with Morrisonn if he still ain’t part of the devils ‍♂️
I assume that this was an interview done some time ago (prior to covid19) and held back until the NHL playoffs are actually about to start.