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The shirt problem lies at the feet of whoever ordered them.
The supplier would only go by what was explained to them during the ordering process so the shop couldn't have communicated that well with the supplier.
So if Corky is the Owner/Manager of the shop then he is held to account for the problem. Its the same for any Manager in any business.

It was explained yes and nowhere does it place the blame with supplier TK stated "We messed up".

You say that you don't know of any people who have an issue with the shop but on this topic alone there are quite a few who do, it's not just one person.

I think that having to wait over 5 weeks for a shirt is a bit much. I get NHL shirts custom made from China and it only takes 21 days from order to delivery.
And don't forget all the shirts i believe from what i've been told were paid for in full up front, so the shop had no outlay what so ever.
If they took just deposits and there was a delay i don't think the situation would be as bad as it is.

Lets hope it does get sorted on the 21st as TK said or i think this topic will continue to grow.
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