Ryan Reynolds takeover bid


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Just been reading an article that Ryan Reynolds the Hollywood actor is looking to takeover Wrexham F. C.
Now there is a target we could go for in sponsorship (not ownership) especially if he comes to Wales.
He's Canadian, he's a Canucks fan, get him a jersey, get him to a game (when possible) and I'm sure he'd love it, got to be better than Wrexham eh?
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Fascinating story and potentially massive for Wrexham f.c. enticing him to a devils game could work and perhaps catapult the sports exposure?
It's a long way though - maybe he'll go to Deeside - they stand some chance of playing this season
TBF this would be good for Welsh hockey though


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Trump mentioned Wales, now all he needs is to be fed a line, something like "Welsh ice hockey team Cardiff Devils wear a orange jersey honouring Donald Trump" he would re-tweet that and a picture of the jersey, he's such an idiot he wouldn't get the joke and great exposure.