Only 7 games to go


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The boys are very well aware of their chance at history this year. We've all seen a renewed focus, especially on the defensive end over the last several games. What a sprint to the finish. Belfast would win the league any normal year with the record that they have.
Agree Steve our D has improved big time let's hope these last 7 games bring us that threepeat because the way the teams and league are improving I can't see it being done by another team again.. so let's do this .


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Just goes to show how deep we are as a team, given the fact we lost Blood & Farnya and Haddad has been out for some time, I would also mention Parisi but you can't miss what you never had. We haven't won anything yet but if we do the threepeat this year Lord will have cemented himself a true Cardiff Devil's legend who will be mentioned in the same breath as people like Lawless, McEwen, Moria and Voth.


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It annoys me, very slightly, this nervousness. 7 games to go and 4 points ahead?
4 points ahead now but if we lose 2 and giants win all theirs then we're level on points and could lose it on regulation wins for example like we did a few yrs ago with Steelers!!

Rob Batch

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I understand where you're coming from but I believe it's important to have a positive mental attitude. Anything is possible in the next 3 weeks and positivity can only help, both on the ice and in the stands (seats).
This has been the most exciting season and run in since I've been following the team and even though I'm desperate for the Devils to prevail, I'm glad Belfast are putting up a huge fight. It makes the league so much better and every win that much more valuable. Would be great if a couple of other teams were in the hunt too next year although with the Devils on top of course.