NIHL Streaming Series: MK/Sheffield/Swindon


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  • 3 teams: Milton Keynes Lightning, Sheffield Steeldogs and Swindon Wildcats
  • No fans in-person attendance.
  • Games will all be streamed. Tickets will be priced at £12.
  • Fixture dates:
    • 14 Nov – Swindon vs MK (18:15)
    • 15 Nov – Sheffield vs Swindon (17:30)
    • 21 Nov – MK vs Swindon (19:00)
    • 22 Nov – Swindon vs Sheffield (18:15)
    • 28 Nov – MK vs Sheffield (19:30)
    • 29 Nov – Sheffield vs MK (17:30)

Possibly a few Devils players involved via Wildcats (and Lightning ?) or if you’re just generally starved for UK Hockey.

Made me smile that Lightning chose the poodle emoji for Steeldogs when tweeting the announcement. :)


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I note that Josh has signed for Swindon. At least he will be playing hockey. Toms (Rutkis) is also signed with Swindon.


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I would imagine he'd be OK as "travelling for work purposes".
Either that or as an "elite athlete" his bases are probably covered.