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It depends what mode you play most I guess. I've seen a lot of criticism of '16 but I thought it was good and I think the same of '17.

My problem is that I'm not very good at it at all! I find it so difficult to pass/shoot with accuracy on HUT that ruins the experience a bit for me; against CPU I find all-star level way too hard but pro a bit too easy, so I adjusted the sliders to something in-between which is more challenging.

The most notable change I've seen so far is Franchise Mode, which is what I usually play - it's the old GM Mode but it's really in depth now which is good.

Why the Elite League isn't pushing hard to get EA to include them in the game is a bit beyond me, the exposure for the clubs and league would be absolutely massive.


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Hut is my mode. I've made division 2 on nhl 15 and 16.
I deleted my original nhl 16 team and officially retired due to "poke spammers",
That didn't last. My new assembled team lies in division 5, played 36 won 30. :)

Most your shots should automatically be on target with you just aiming for the corners, 5 hole.
It's vital that you learn to defend or you will get eaten alive! DONT keep switching players
When defending. Get a good nettie, lehtonen, bishop, dubynk are amongst the best.

Gm mode is another favourite of mine, but a season just goes on for so long. I don't see the point in simming games.

Pm me your ps username ill add ya. And anyone else who fancies a game.
I'm on NHL 17, now. Haven't played the franchise for years but really impressed with this version.

Trying to get into HUT but haven't got a clue ATM. I don't really follow the NHL, so don't really know any of the players. Any tips?
I'm looking for a team to join on EASHL on NHL 17, does anyone on here play that mode on the Xbox one? I've been part of a club on there but the team mates are never online so looking for a team that will play sometime :)
I love it! Frannchise mode is solid enough for single player, but online is where I enjoy it the most. Find a EASHL club to join and play with friends against other people.
I finally broke and bought it. There's loads of different parts to it. Very daunting but enjoyable. Need to learn how to play it though lol

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