Next season away games


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Just a thought but would it be worth showing away games with webcasts in the viola bar? Would there be enough interest? It's revenue for the bar and would be a good day on a 6 nations double header.
Many don't use the webcasts but may want to watch away games.


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It’s not cheap to show a webcast in a commercial venue, by the time you pay that, and bar staff it’s probably a no brainer. You have to drive to get to our gaff, so that knocks drinking on the head so can’t see it happening sorry.


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Would be an interesting thing for the Fan Council to bring up, could see if it would be financially viable. Transport links to the arena are decent for locals - who knows there may be a few people who don’t get the webcast normally but would be up for watching with other Devils.


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I know sky and BT sport expensive so didn't know if webcast worked the same. Wasn't sure if bar was open anyway due to public skating so bar staff would be there.
I get the webcast but I would go to some for a bit of atmosphere.


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But a few people who may want to watch it ain’t going to make it viable, as I said it isn’t cheap to commercially show a webcast, the fees are high, and then pay bar staff it just doesn’t make financial sense, just can’t see it myself.


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The bar ain’t open just for public skating
You’d need a lot of punters to make it viable. Personally I wouldn’t drive the distance just to watch a webcast.
absolutely, I live 6 miles away and wouldn’t bother, it’s a no no for the club and probably for most fans. I can pay £10. Watch it on my sofa, feet up, with a few beers, in the warm, and no driving, unless it’s a huge important game then sorry.


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For me it's circumstances as I could make it every other weekend. Live in Swansea but in Cardiff every weekend and 8 miles away from arena but for a Saturday night out starting at arena watching an away game then move on to the bay i would do that and that's getting to arena by public transport but then I also buy the webcast on another weekend.
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Personally as I’m not going to Belfast I’d pay a modest entry fee and buy a few drinks to watch the webcast at the arena with Devils fans - would need to be a fair few for the atmosphere.

Put it on mute and plug the icetime guys instead of that ear-drum-bleeding-Giants-fan with the mic.

Appreciate not viable though. But that type of idea generation is what the Fan Council is for...


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I'm with Wannabe on this one.
By the time I've paid train / bus fares to get to the rink, it works out cheaper just to buy the webcast and watch at home... And that's before I've bought my first pint !

Nice idea but it's a no from me.
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Good to get both sides of it. And the reason for the thought was when I run Gretzkys at WNIR we were open Fri, Sat and Sun night for public skating sessions even if no game so I wasn't sure if Viola bar was the same.