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Hi All, I’ve finally managed to get the family to our first ever game against Guildford Flames in December. I’m super excited to be a part of the Devils family....what are the do’s and dont’s on the night? TIA Rhys :)


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Welcome to The Inferno. Do enjoy the game and cheer on the guys. That's the main thing the rest is just a bonus. Don't buy the Worthy from the bar, its terrible.
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Haha Cheers Kevlar! We will certainly be cheering the boys on, I have a 15 year old and a 4 year old son coming along so I’m hoping atleast one of them gets involved and has a love for the game, I don’t fancy disowning them both.... What’s weekday game parking like?


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Standard rule of thumb also, when the puck is in play, stay sat down/wait to go back to your seats.

Secondly, keep your eye on the puck - those things hurt when they come at you.

Thirdly, no flash photography.

Other than that, have a great time! :)
Pucks travel at very high speed, but if one comes your way, your welcome to keep it!


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What has changed this year. Now spending more time in France and Spain with the occasional visit back when I will get to see a live game, but always have parked in Morrisons. Advice please.
The club no longer has a deal with Morrisons, who used to turn off the parking cameras (or just not issue tickets). That's no longer in place for this season, so it's either ToysRus, Hiscox House, IAW or pool parking. Or as I do, walk over the bridge by Tesco


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Your best chant is
“Let’s go..”
“Let’s go Blaze”
“Let’s go..”
“Lets go Blaze”
Apart from singing that as loud as you can, enjoy the game, it’s a wonderful sport and even though it hurts to say it, your lot are alright, so talk to those around you they are quite welcoming and friendly
Ps don’t tell anyone on here I said they are alright!