Murrayfield rink petition.


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“Stop Murrayfield Ice rink from closing it’s doors for good.”

I’m not a huge fan of online petitions but I’m still in touch with a few Caps fans from past Play Off Final Weekends and it's so hard to replace these facilities once they are lost. It’s pretty much the only reason I’d have for going to Edinburgh, so it’s worth at least a few tourist pounds for them to keep it open.


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There are several ways of looking at the decision to close for the foreseeable future. Personally I'd like to think that Edinburgh deserves a far better facility, Murrayfield is way past its natural lifespan. The fact that everything from the outside to the wooden seating is listed., makes it unviable economically to refurbish the existing structure.

If the management have any foresight then they need to be working now to ensure that this moves secures a new facility in the city, through govt. grants (UK and Scottish) finance via the covid funding (DCMS) as well as investigating if there is the possibility of last minute EU funding.

A new facility is the one thing that would encourage the masses to give hockey a go, from just watching games to playing. The city deserves better but I sincerely hope that the sport as a whole survives in the UK.


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Don’t think Councils give a toss whether they have a Rink or not, Cardiff certainly never as all the others that died a death, and that’s when things were normal. Would love to see EDINBURGH get what they really deserve, but I won’t hold my breath unfortunately.


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A place like Edinburgh being a capital city need owners like ours, but as this covid shit is still about nothing will be happening for a long long while...


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Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe TK and new owners briefly considered Edinburgh when looking for a club to buy. Our shiny new rink being built sealed the deal.


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A new venue in Edinburgh would be untrue, it’s one of the only city’s in the UK to be as nice as Cardiff, but I think it’s a pipe dream unfortunately.