I think if there was going to be a new team in the league next season we would have started to hear rumours by now. They would be starting to advertise season tickets and sponsorship around now


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I'd like to see the new lower league get settled and give the bottom 2 teams a good opportunity to host a play down set of games.

very unlikely to see a team drop if the import levels are considerably different but adds some end of season fun for the other teams.


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What was the old Heineken Milton Keynes name. Milton Keynes Kings with the lion on the logo. Give them a solid branding angle straight from the off with a bit of history behind it.


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Lets hope the EIHL board make a good decision this time around. Given the issues MK had, which are well documented in the public domain, the last thing the league needs is to get a team in just to make up the numbers then go bankrupt quickly.

How MK of the last year were allowed to continue in the final year is beyond me. The EIHL board must have know how desperate the situation was but still let it continue.

Lets hope for proper due diligence and a proper investment to make things work.
They all seem to be at least aware of the dangers of splitting the fan base.

Slightly surprised to read (via Thunder?) that capacity at MK is 2800. Although there is a chunk of the arena that you can’t actually see from the away section, which probably makes it seem smaller than it is. Even so, with their average attendance this season shy of 1600 a significant split doesn’t look obviously sustainable.

Somewhere (either in this or the previous article on the site), someone asks why the Lightning owners didn’t approach the fans, especially given that there seems to be plenty of cash available. It is a good question. I can imagine that the NIHL club with lower costs and the existing support might be more sustainable, even profitable, but another possibility is that their are simply egos getting in the way of good governance.

Anyone got any idea how 3 (or 4: EIHL, NIHL 1, NIHL 2, Women) league teams time-table to play on 1 rink? Personally, I’d be happy to turn up earlier (or stay later) if there was another game, but it does seem to require more hours than are obviously available.
That was my thought. Perhaps they would have to change the name too especially if MKL are in the new league. How about MK Phoenix?
Always sounds cool, but it discourages investment. Everyone recognises it as a ‘past bankruptcy’ badge.

Kings ... would allow them to do a “Thunder, Lightning, and Reign” pun.
Sorry to mention the name but could it be possible that Ragan might be interested.
He was a regular at the arena throughout the season.I seem to recall he was on good terms with other owners.


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Yep probably correct, it was a very short time scale to get it all in order, hopefully their good work will continue and with the benefit of more time, let’s hope they come back bigger and stronger.