Meland leaves the Steelers

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Meland has left the Steelers to return home, some comments on twitter have said he is leaving to become a dentist (dont know how true that part is).

Steelers fans seem genuinely upset he has gone. Could be a big loss for them!
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So how many ins and outs is this for the Steelers? Isn't there some limit on the number of players allowed to be registered in a season? Are the Steelers close to that?
I think the limit comes into play next year, think this year is pretty much unlimited but happy to be proven wrong
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Is the limit based on a point in time or is it actually thoughout the season
I think its throughout the year, think its 13 imports can ice (14 this year) and up to 20 imports signed by the club throughout the year. Think theres something different again for goalies although this is going off memory as I cant find the eihl press release
To be fair to the steelers this seems like it was out of their control. He’s been injured for apparently 4 weeks and he asked about leaving last week. He agreed to stay for the weekend. Additionally I don’t think they’ll be signing anyone new as they’ve announce both Bettauer and Johnson as returning to the line up with Bettauer taking over Melands role as the “Swing Guy”