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Does anyone have an add on for Kodi to watch NHL On the Fly by any chance? I've got sports devil & Phoenix but they stream the games/channels but I can't seem to find it to watch as & when........


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I use Sports Mania as you get NHL Network as well as every single NHL game on there, On The Fly is shown on the hour every hour during the morning.

I also subscribe to Premier Sports too so Sky + On The Fly so am able to watch it most days providing I have time


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Not 100% sure about this but I know that if you register for a (free) NHL TV account then you get a "Free Game Of The Day" and I think access to the highlights package too.
And no annoying metal music in the background !

The link to the repo is in this thread:


Also if you can get Mobdro, UKTV Now or LiveTV.Net then they all have live links to Premier Sports.


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Thanks both - i have looked into SportsMania but I cannot load it as Kodi 17 has blocked it. What a nightmare. I will do some digging around and have a look at that repo & see whats what
I use pro sport. It lets me watch NBA NFL MLB and NFL live. Also watch previous games under archive on NHL, that sounds like what you are after

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Pro Sport has been a bit of a nightmare today - it seems to pick and chose now what games it wants to show. I tried Sportsmania again but it isn't having any of it.

It is good enough though, especially for free haha.


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I bit the bullet the other day and got myself a week's trial of Sports Mania to see what it's like.

I will admit to being a bit sceptical but it's absolutely brilliant. I'll take out a longer sub at the end of the week.