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We all know Keefe was a hot head in his playing days, but his outburst towards the officials yesterday was over the top big time, ok his top scorer was injured in play , clean hit may i add but to abuse the ref like he did was shocking, I firmly believe if it was a league game keefe would have been called for abuse of official or even thrown out, any thoughts on this...


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If anyone should know about tough plays it should be Keefe as he was a tough player it was a clean hard hit and his rant was over the top but it seems with the Belfast Angry's as Im calling them now your not allowed to go near them or hit them and they seem to hit the ice pretty quickly to gain penalties.

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seems to me they like to dish it out but cant take it.... they were gushing about vandemeer making a similar hit on a rookie in Scotland earlier this year if i remember right and he was later, higher and no where near the puck!


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Sadly that’s standard language to the officials. Needs a rugby style discipline for me. Wasn’t pleasant listening. Not with a little one next to me.
It was fruity. Probably common to most benches when a call goes against a team. But on camera/within microphone distance, it's not a good look.


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Unbelievably hypocritical by Keefe, some of his hits, especially the blind side hit on Voth was untrue, if you dish them out Keefe you have to be able to take them, Belfast were happy to dish it out against Flames, knowing not a lot were coming back, but hate it when it’s not all going their way, and the one thing they don’t like is pressure, and Bownsy of course.


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Whilst regrettable that the language got televised i’m glad no one got thrown out be that Keefe, Schiestel and even Riley. Too many play offs have previously been ruined by refs bottling big calls and going for the easy option. The hit was so so borderline you can make arguments either way but i’m glad it was called how it was as otherwise hockey is officially over. It wasn’t a blindside clip or the usual suspects for a head shot. It was head on and bang on shoulder to chest. The height difference meant Murphy’s head hit the shoulder pad. I’m not sure what Schiestel could have done different apart from not throw the hit and that’s where hockey would then be the loser. Keefe lost it. Completely get it as his stud just got lit up. Ok he let the ref have it but full credit to Dalton he was the bigger man and held Keefe to task but in a very professional way.

The one I thought let himself down was Riley. Near enough tried to break Benti’s arm of the face off and then tried to head hunt Joey Martin later with a huge leading elbow. He had his chance to drop the gloves with Schiestel and let it go. The fight might have even got Schiestel thrown out. However that’s not to rip the guy. Emotions got him the same as they did Keefe.

To flip it if say Kevin Raine had thrown that hit on Joey Martin I dare say we’d all be in meltdown so it’s hypocritical to see these guys as villains. Passionate pro’s reacting to a big incident.

That said what a play by Schiestel. Reading their star with his head down and getting that hit in on him. Huge moment.
this where I really liked the Scandinavian ref that the league had last year or year before Didn't tolerate any abuse and gave out misconducts in the right way....players knew they couldn't abuse officials....which all comes down to kids watching their idols and thinking that the way players abuse officials is ok......
Didn't look good at all. To be fair to Keefe I'm sure every coach in the league has reacted like that at least once this season but the fact it was live on tv and the refs were mic'd up it looked awful. The swearing was bad enough but I thought he was going to knock Dalton out at one stage. That's as bad as anything I've seen from Neil Warnock this season


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He definitely tried to intimidate Dalton however credit to Dalton he wasn’t being intimidated and called Keefe back when he tried to walk off. Dalton explained the non call whether Keefe wanted to listen or not. Dalton could have quite easily thrown Keefe out but I think Keefe owes him a handshake to be honest for managing the situation so well and leaving him in the game. Very well refereed. No one and that’s inclusive of the officials and definitely not Keefe could be 100% that was a hit to the head in real time and still can’t to be honest now when you look at the replays. Glad he was left in the game as it would have taken away from the match but he does owe Dalton a major apology. For all the stick zebra’s take having seen the game back Dalt’s did exceptionally well in that incident.


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For the mto let him ice not long after showed a shocking lack of care to him ,no way was he fine after that hit ,i know he the nsat out a bit and not sure if he iced 3rd period but keefe was bang out of order.