If we get a season 21/22


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If we are lucky enough to get a season 21/22, how many of these guys do you think will return, forget retirees.
Dixon 35yrs old
Louis 33 yrs old
Myers 36 yrs old
Duggan 22yrs old
Ritchardson 34 yrs old
Fournier 29 yrs old
Mosey 31 yrs old
Haddad 32 yrs old
Batch 30 yrs old
Jardine 27 yrs old
Martin 32 yrs old
Rutkis 23 yrs old
McMonagle 33 yrs old
McNamee 28 yrs old ?????????
Reddick 31 yrs old
I am going for them all, with doubt about McMonagle, and McNamee who may finish.
Retirees I think Riley, Benny, Pope, Morrison,Masi, Linglet


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McNamee has just retired to focus on his music but Todd has said in a tweet he's not giving up on him
Pope has also retired


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So no Dixon or Jardine ???
I think this year would have been Dixon's last, so don't think he'll be back for one more season after missing a year.
Would love Jardine back but if he's coming back to Europe I can see him going to a different league.


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It all depends upon whether those players who are abroad have enjoyed their time elsewhere and want to take their career chances in a different direction. Some of the older players may even consider retirement.

The team was due for a 'reset' anyway with retirements at the end of last season and with Lord leaving/ appointment of new coach. The pandemic will also be a big factor now in player decisions. Not a bad thing - all teams will be facing a rebuild of some sort so it could be exciting.

Apart from our British players returning, I think the majority of the team will be new import players. The league composite may even change with younger overseas players coming here as part of study deals or using UK as a stepping stone to Europe. It is hard to imagine, with inevitable budgetary constraints that some clubs will face, that we will see an immediate return to watching high level, experienced players.


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I guess it’s upto Sklade and the direction he wishes to go in - I’d like to see a slightly younger team if I’m honest. We do seem to try and eek out the playing time of a few players when it’s debatable whether they should have already gone.


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It's pandemic 101 I know but
It depends on pandemic control from country to country, how much will players be able to travel, will they be prepared to move countries with a risk they can't get home or if where they decide to go will there will be regular ice time
Like the rest of us they will be second guessing the immediate future - will there even be some form of control?
Whatever happens there will be changes - could we even, possibly, see more Brits stepping up


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40% Imports will be back if offered to come back, cant see fourns and jardine back as they are putting up big numbers for their clubs and maybe out of devils wage bracket...hoping Myers and Batch will be back as they are due testimonials..


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Can see Jardine staying put to keep racking up the points
With Rabbits 17 points in 19 games against 15 points in 45 games with us last "season"
Somewhat worryingly, if this AstraZeneca jab is found to offer little protection against the SA variant and that becomes dominant in the U.K. then I don’t see anyone coming back!

It’s not looking too promising at the moment, but further analysis due shortly:-

Not necessarily. It‘s said that the current vaccines still stop severe disease and hospitalisations with the South Africa variant, so maybe it will just be that we could still catch mild/moderate disease - just like we do with colds/flu every winter. And then we have to be given regular Covid jabs every year to keep up with mutations, much the same as happens every year with the flu jab. We‘ve got to learn to live with this virus at some point, hopefully when people aren’t dying from it in high numbers anymore, and things will have to open eventually.


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Bit off topic sorry but Cardiff Metro in the news today. Anybody know if there will be a station to serve our so called Sports Village?(Wild water, Swimming Pool and IAW)


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Duggan 22yrs old
Ritchardson 34 yrs old
Fournier 29 yrs old ??
Mosey 31 yrs old ?
Haddad 32 yrs old ?
Batch 30 yrs old
Jardine 27 yrs old ??
Martin 32 yrs old ?
Rutkis 23 yrs old

Note: ?=maybe ??=unlikely


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Think you have to look at the reasons why a player would want to.

Almost certain - Cardiff (or near Cardiff) is home
Richardson, Batch, Rutkis, Myers, Duggan

Very likely
Louis - his Mrs is a local girl isn’t she?

Martin - just a hunch but think he will be back. Norway very much seemed a temporary thing

Haddad - think he will want to settle in NA, turns 33 this year and made captain by Lord so will repay that loyalty by staying there, would be amazed if he’s back.
Mosey - will stay on the continent. His mrs is Belgian I think so will stay in France.
Jardine - having an unexpected career year in the ECHL, would be a fool to come here instead of pushing for an AHL chance.
Fournier - his departure seemed likely even without our postponed season, will have better offers then us.
Reddick - didn’t think we wanted him back.

The rest have all retired haven’t they? I actually think Bowns will come back.