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After last nights loss we were expecting some fairly obnoxious posts on the game thread, but it's been surprisingly civil so far. Another thread has erupted though, prompted me to post this and seeing some new posters threaten us for the first time in about 10 years of running the site. I appreciate that there are some things worth clarifying in light of the 'Jr Devils' thread which has temporarily been disabled, but will be returning shortly.

The first thing to remember is if a poster chooses to start a topic on here following the rules of the forum, they are entitled too. It doesn't mean the Inferno published it, endorsed it or agrees with it. There are posts on here every day I disagree with but I'd fight for the posters rights to say it. Previous owners, posters and people associated with the club have tried to stop this happening before. I appreciate its difficult for some to see the difference, especially some people on Twitter, but 'The Inferno' and 'someone who posts something on the Inferno I don't agree with' are two completely separate things.

If someone posts something you disagree with you have 3 options; You can post a response indicating where you believe the poster is incorrect, attack the points made by all means but don't attack the poster; Secondly you can place a report stating objectively why you think the poster is out of order. Please only use this to indicate to us if you believe the poster is breaking forum rules, not just because you disagree with the poster; Thirdly you can choose to ignore it, there is a block function available if you find a person increasingly annoying which will remove their posts from the forum for you.

Things that we generally don't appreciate as much are sending us threatening reports and messages on here, and texts to our mobile numbers with histrionic claims of slander. For those actively doing this we suggest that you find a dictionary and look the word up, because it does not mean what you think it means. Implying that 'The Inferno' somehow endorses the sentiments of a poster whose thread we don't choose to delete or moderate doesn't sit all that well with us, neither does generally threatening to bad mouth us. We recently were awarded 6th worst thing in the EIHL by some site or other (By people who continue to post and read the forum no less), so the bad mouthing will probably just get lost in all the other bad mouthing we tend to experience. I appreciate in this particular case parents will feel compelled to defend their children but look to the points above of how to and how not to do this.

It's just myself and Chris running and paying for the forum now, please make our lives easier by being civil and remember that we don't claim to endorse all of the posts on here, but with the historical management issues that we have had we believe it is important to provide a place for most things to be discussed ice hockey related, good or bad, positive or negative.

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