Giants v Flames


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Flames very short benched, 14 skaters, they have to be one of the best passing teams in the league, and boy don’t they graft foreach other, they have been short handed so much tonight it’s been untrue. Flames were leading up till 50 minutes played, and then again with 2 mins to go, if we play as we can at theirs with a full team we can certainly do this, Giants are good but not that good, game now in OT 3on 3, Giants win 3-2 unfortunately.


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It was a poor game. Flames had the chances but Belfast were poor and got away with that one.

There was two chances where Besko Giants NM went walkabout and a player blocked the shot in front of the open net then flames missed another empty net chance.

Frustrating sending updates back to friends as the clock run down.

Only positive for us was it wasn’t a regulation win
We just need to focus on our own games, I don’t expect Giants to drop points but if they do it’s a bonus. Whatever happens the double header is key.