Giants to announce new signing


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I believe 5pm today


Panthers and Giants strengthening whilst the ones that need a complete revamp are keeping quiet - Steelers

I wonder if this means we will finally get a new D man to replace Parisi just to keep ahead?


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He’s a good player, that’s for sure but didn’t leave on the best of terms - so not surprised it hasn’t gone down well with the fans.
Why what did he do before left the Giants, I liked him as a player when ever I saw him play against us and from other teams highlights that I viewed.


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He mentioned that Whistle was 'climbing the ladder' by moving to Sheffield from Belfast.
He also made a comment about players only being 'contractors' to teams, which some fans took as he was only there for money and didn't 'bleed teal'.
Although the comments are possibly not untrue, it's not something a player should say publicly don't think. I don't think he was planning on going back to Belfast when making those comments, but now he has and they're biting him on the arse.