Fife - playing short bench all season catching up?


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With Ian Young, Evan Bloodoff, Andy Iles, and Danick Gauthier already missing they may well now after tonight’s game be missing Liam Heelis and Carlo Finucci! Both reported going to the dressing room early.

With their ridiculously tough run in missing their star netminder and possibly 4 top forwards and their star D I think it’s only 7 pts we will need to beat Manchester - 5 if we beat them in our re-arranged match.

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Was always going to catch up with them. League is too good to shorten your bench every game and who did their fixtures? I know they had 1 cancelled big bizarre they have left so many til this late in the year and even though we had CHL we have been 4 or so games ahead nearly all season.


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This is a shame - was shaping up to be Fife's best season in the EIHL. They have won their conference already.

Never understood why they signed 3 young Brits in the offseason - 2 who had already played for other Elite League teams - but they have not been played or developed this season. So instead of a potential of 4 line hockey, Flyers have played and played their imports with very little support from the British players.

The ridiculous games in hand scenerio is a disaster when they have an injury crisis and a lot of games to play. How was that allowed to develop in the first place?


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To be fair, we’ve played pretty short benched anytime we’ve gone behind this season too.

Just a stronger roster overall for the Devils. Fife have done really well in fairness to them, they’ve got a great platform to build even further for next year.
With all respect to them, because I really do think they've played a blinder this season, I think their biggest issue is lack of consistency.

They've picked up a lot of points in-conference, with 100% wins against Edinburgh, one game dropped against Braehead and only Dundee to stop them with a 50:50 split. They've had some decent results out-of-conference, beating us, Steelers and Panthers on the road, but not consistently enough to get up to the top. If you average out their wins vs each team over the season, it'd only be 51%; not bad, but not league-winning. I'd echo what JC23 said, however; there are mistakes that can be learned from, and we should hopefully see big things next season.

Compare that to the Storm, who I think are the real runaways this season; that same average for them is 64.9%, the second highest in the league. They're in an arguably similar position to Fife, with little resistance coming from within their conference, but they've made a real mark outside of it too. Last year they barely made the playoffs, but this time out they've been solid, threatening, and snatching points all over. They well and truly deserve to be where they are right now.


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The ridiculous games in hand scenerio is a disaster when they have an injury crisis and a lot of games to play. How was that allowed to develop in the first place?

Fife cancelled a competitive game against Belfast to play a friendly, and then played a weird scottish tournament meaning they started a forntight after everyone else.

can have little sympathy for them really, they need to really assess this summer if they want to make a real go of being genuine title contenders, and then put that plan into action throughout the whole of the off season.