Fife Flyers


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Definite upgrade on Dutiaume and Hutchins, but wish he would give his Brits a few minutes of icetime each game.

Although they didn’t finish bottom (as usual), it was done playing a full import team which I don’t agree with.

Without expanding his Brit depth they’ll always be around 7th-10th as you’ll just exhaust your imports by continually playing them.


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hopefully, he will get to pick his own Brit pack and then have full confidence in his team to do the job, i like him and think he has done a great job. with the resources he has been given. he has now had time to see the brit players in this league. to pick better options.


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Glad he's staying in the lge, great interviews , great character to have on the bench, good luck for next season , he deserves it . Dutaime and Hutchinson were going nowhere, they had enough chances..


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All the brits had left before he signed on hadn't they? The ones on the team probably weren't eihl quality
Exactly it. The other problem is that the Kestral pipeline has dried up as junior development has taken a backseat so I suspect it will be a few years before Brit development is back where it needs to be in Fife


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I've being saying for a while that one of the things on the long list that the elite league needs to address is development of Brits. This ranges from farm arrangements and match day squad sizes, to the the criteria for each competition and the relationship with junior clubs.

I think that it needs to be more nuanced than just reducing the number of imports, but there needs to be a strategy. If a club like fife is having trouble with their pipeline, then that's a real warning.