Farmer leaves Panthers


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Losing both Stevie Lee & Farmer in a single off season.

Top caliber Brits are impossible to find as we all know. - What is going on at Nottingham?

Interestingly, there is no link to this on Elite Prospects, it simply says "Inside information" rather than directing you to it being announced.
Devils just announced the Calgary submit on Saturday, maybe just a coincidence. If we do sign Farmer then it would be to replace Richie or Myers which would be gutting.


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Lawday signed for MK Lightning didn’t he? Think sensible thing would be to keep Murdy. Agree that if you are going to bring in an import net minder you go big to replace Bowns.

In any event I doubt we’ve gone in for Farmer so is moot


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I thought most of last year that there is a VERY beer league feel to the statement "your back up goalie is also your equipment manager".

However we are one of the top clubs in the country, and if something seems stupid but works (and very well at that) then why change it i guess.
Bowns has proven he can stay healthy for an entire season, with Murdy only playing 3 games last year (+3 dead rubber cup games on top of that).

I guess we won't know how the back-up/Eqpt manager role could work until Bowns is out for 6 weeks with a broken bone, god forbid!


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Farmer is often the pantomime villain but I’d love to see him in a Devils shirt. He’s a terrific player and a huge asset as a Brit for any team. A big loss for the Panthers.


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Farmer is one heck of a player now....ok takes the odd stupid penalty but many players are guilty of that. Under motivational coaching and in the right role, with the right line mates, he could be mustard. Just can't see him joining the Devils' roster (and why do we always presume that said player is always coming to the Devils in these situations?) - more likely he has found an opportunity abroad or will be going to another Elite League club. A swap with Ben Davies at Guildford has been doing the rounds.

Highly doubt he would be a replacement for Matthew or Richie. These guys are going nowhere and neither do we want them to. They are vital assets to our roster. It is purely coincidence about the announcement of the Calgary always happens this time every year and always players are leaving and signing for different clubs at that time.


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Farmer won me over playing for GB. Scores a lot of scrappy goals around the net, works hard and is feisty (despite being a punch bag).
I can't see him coming here though.


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His extension contract states he’s allowed to sign overseas but if he stays in the EIHL then he will be a Panther. I believe if he goes to DEL2 and plays for Nielsen then he’s classed there as an import - probably less money that Canadians or Americans and possibly similar to his Panthers money - but a great shop window for him. I would take him.