Elite Series

You’ll all be happy to know we have turned down the opportunity to add Joey Martin for five weeks after the curtailment of the Norwegian Eliteserien.
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It's only a warm up tournament for GB selection with some imports who want to play competitively to keep up fitness. Can see Joey going to Blaze or Storm to help them out.

Interesting that Matthew is playing for Steelers during this tournament.... he probably isn't part of their longterm plans either but no fuss made there. Cant imagine Joey wanting to play for Steelers but the Star always reports Steelers in a positive light.


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If Fox's comments in that Star article are not a work of fiction, fair play to him for recognizing Joey would never be a long term signing. I wonder if the Steelers previous coach would have had the same outlook. Either way, I don't care who Joey plays for as long as he's alright and comes home when things get going again.


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Do you have to watch them live.???
It does say "streamed live and be available to buy " which suggests you might be able to buy them to stream on demand (just my interpretation). At those prices I think I will be just picking specific games. I note that it only covers the "regular season games", which likely means that the semi-finals are both extra and likely priced higher (for the finals at least I suspect).


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In one way the pricing isn’t too bad for 8 camera coverage, especially if your team are in it. If you can watch on demand it’s quite attractive.


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Agreed the £6-odd per game seems great compared to regular streaming, but regular streaming at £15 a go is way overpriced anyway IMO.

If we were involved I'd probably bite the bullet and get a season pass for our games but I might be tempted to get the final games instead.


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I won't be paying to watch these. If it has been on freesport I might have watched the final, but this is a lot of money to watch teams I either dislike or am "meh" about.