Eihl playoffs 2019

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Anyone got any footage they would like to share on here of the playoff weekend?
YouTube has a 2min 20secs highlight of the game against giants that’s all. I haven’t seen much around on twitter either so was wondering.

It was an amazing weekend :)


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I would think the full game will appear on YouTube around the start of the new season - at least that's what's happened the last year or two.
I recorded it on to DVD and will admit to watching it more than once since :)
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I watched the semi and final a few times. I love watching us singing the anthem too. That was posted by Glasgow clan on Twitter and it sounded awesome. I also like to see celebrations from the crowd and bench.

I was hoping someone might have a video or two to share.


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If anyone wants to watch the final again (and who wouldn't ?) then Freesports are showing it on Friday at 9.30pm.
GB v France is repeated before it at 7.05, so if you need a hockey fix that's your evening sorted !