Duggan departs to Sweden


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This was the obvious move for him. Not only will be come back an even better player, but this will seriously help him secure the GB place he deserves.


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And Sam speaks Swedish and understands the leagues and style having played there for 4 years earlier. Great move and hopefully the icetime he craves.


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Good move for the lad, hope he does well.

Imagine if the EIHL gave the green light on the 15th, we’d need to rustle up some names pretty quickly. I reckon we could see Wannabe2 making his debut! :)


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I am ready and willing, I have 2 pairs of skate, 1 pair for my feet, and 1pair for my hands, as I need to be on all fours these days. Crawling from Defense to Attack would be a breeze , in fact it would look like we had a extra skater on the ice. Off side would be a walk in the park, I could have both feet over the line and two skates onside, I don’t need accomodation as my local home would take me in, and as for transport my bus pass and Zima plus my well worn mask will be more than adequate, any stuff kicking off my mates and fans from Ely would sort it. So count me in, but don’t leave it too long, my physical utopia may not be here forever. Stay Safe Guys.