Devils Vs Nomad Astana - Conti Cup - 17th Nov 23 - FO 16:00 (15:00 UK)


Yea I haven't changed mind.

Never once rated bowns though.

This is such a nonsense post that i'm forced to reply.

You never rated him, not even once, even with these stats (stolen from EliteProspects)?


I get that you don't like him and he seems to be unable to convince you otherwise, but to state you've never once ranked him is just so odd. Is it some kind of weird claim to fame for you? I just don't understand it.

As it stands, looks like the people who've written decent match reports have added some context to explain the result wasn't entirely due to Bowns, so i'll take their view as being slightly more reasonable.


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Wasn’t able to watch this game so can’t comment on how we played as a team or individually.

But….several posters are really showing themselves up with some horrendous ignorance. And to make it worse they are being arrogant because they think they know it all.
Blimey! A lesson on arrogance and being a "know it all" from Finny. That's a new low for me. I'll certainly reevaluate my actions and my life's work from this point forward.

If you re-read my post my point about "I feel like we've lost to Telford Tigers" wasn't because I didn't know the team or was too arrogant to think we could just turn up and win. It was because, in that particular game, the one you didn't see, I felt like we dominated every aspect. It was like we played a much inferior team, on the day, in the game you didn't watch. It's irrelevant who they beat in 1968 or their potted history (but thank you for that), in the game you didn't see, we should not have lost that and we threw it away but life goes on. No real drama.

May be I should just slate every player and tell you how bad each individual was. Would that gain your respect that I so desperately crave?

"Ignorant, arrogant, know it all" absolutely brilliant. Thanks Finny.

You are so cute.