Devils vs MAC Újbuda - 25 Aug 19 - Preseason

Going into the CHL next week I’m a bit concerned about us defensively. We didn’t look solid tonight and our PK wasn’t it’s usual self. Offensively we seemed reluctant to pull the trigger and our PP needs to be quicker.

The good news is that the CHL will sort all of the above out so we should be ready for the start of the domestic campaign but plenty to work on ahead of next week.


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Didnt we lose 3 out of the 5 pre-season games last season too & drew 1 of the others. Pre-season is for getting match fitness up & trying out different lines, plus this was Martin's first game back. When it comes down to the main season, I'm sure we will be fine, the guys will be up for it!!!


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Yeah certainly nothing to panic over. Special teams haven’t been great and and won 2 lost 3 isn’t ideal but it’s only pre season after all. I was hoping we’d look a bit more threatening in front of goal during these warm up games. I don’t think we’ve scored more than 2 in the last 4 games so we’ll need to find our scoring touch quickly if we want to make an impression in the CHL. I do expect to see a huge step up in energy on Friday tho and I fancy us to win.
1st period - Devils dominated but could only manage 1-1.
2nd period - poor.
3rd period - poor, couldn’t create many chances let alone take them, even when on the pp.

Buda not outstanding but deserved the win.


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The only positives to take from tonight’s game was that Benti and Martin were back on the ice. Agree with T10P, good 1st period showing energy and decent passing, 2nd period very poor and 3rd period hardly any better, we didn’t look like scoring even on a 5 on 3 power play ! Tonight’s opposition are not close to the standard of teams we will meet in the CHL competition, am I worried, very much so.


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Our preseason games we could of done better, lordo can fix the few flaws we have and get us back in line ready for chl and the league.


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While the Martin-Benti-Riley line looked dangerous, there was very little to be excited about tonight after that performance. Defensively we look very suspect. We’re miles off where we need to be to do anything in the CHL campaign. I remain to be convinced about a few guys this year, both returning and new. A very disappointing pre-season after an encouraging first weekend.


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Lots of ice time for the 4th line tonight, and outshot them 48-20. I’d also say we weren’t exactly out there at 100%, probably to avoid any injuries in the run up to the CHL.

Conceded two pp goals, a breakaway after a fan on a shot (which we still could have stopped, but the Buda player pulled a lovely move) and then an empty netter.

PK wasn’t outstanding, which would be a concern going in to next week. But that’s what training is for.

Think Duggan looks like he’s made huge leaps over the summer. Marjamaki is going to be a big time favourite, and Fournier still has his magic.

Reading nothing in to a win for Sheffield and a loss for us, as pre-season is largely irrelevant form wise. Things to work on, but hopefully this will mean no complacency going in to Mountfield and Graz.


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I was going to say everything OJ said, so I'll just add that I thought the officials had a bad game, they were missing a lot.
I also like the way Riley jumped in when Benti was getting some attention from the MAC players.


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I really don't understand some of the negative already at this time of the season. Look at Liverpool, had a terrible pre-season, no major signings, pretty much same team as last season and have now won 3 from 3 in league. At the end of the day its a friendly to work on lines, tactics, fitness etc

Lets wait to judge the team once a few games in to the real season.


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Whilst the Pre-season games are designed to test fitness levels and try out systems and line combinations, the CHL is pretty close now. Special team systems were the weakness tonight - hopefully lots of training and practice on those this week and some clinical finishing. Giants and Steelers did well in their warm up games over last two weekends but the Devils are traditionally slow burners.
Let's hope we don't have to go to penalties at all this season, strange pre season, started off with a bang then fizzled out, hard to know what to expect on Friday now


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Pre-season results mean nothing as soon as the serious stuff starts and it'll be up to the players to raise their game a notch for the CHL.

Clearly some work needs to be done with the powerplay units and no doubt Lord will be addressing that this week.

One other point, was the ice a contributing factor tonight? I might be wrong but noticed a few awkward bobbles and bounces, and the likes of Linglett struggling at times to control the puck. Did the temperature affect the quality of the ice tonight??


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If we don’t win Friday or Sunday we are out of the Chl it’s as simple as that! The guys got to give it there all no time for laziness or anything.


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Had we been able to finish off the chances we created, we'd have won last night by a Cantor. MAC did well on their powerplay, and I think our penalty kill was probably the most dissapointing aspect of last night.

Mcnamee and Mcmonagle and Jardine had their best outings so far for me, and i think Mcnamee may end up being the sleeper signing of the entire league, he has all the attributes to pick up our secondary scoring.

The First line also look like it has early chemistery.

5 on 5 happy where we were last night, finishing and penalty kill however need improving, especially in the CHL.