Devils Vs Krefeld Pinguine - Sun 20 Aug 2017 / 6:00pm


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We just beat a Del Team 6-2, how bloody awesome is that, don't take anything away from tonight's performance. We went there tonight wondering if we could keep up with these guys, and we ripped them apart. Good on you lads we are coming together just dandy now. I truly believe we have the making of one great great team, last season we were obviously very good, this season we could be great. Look out others, we are coming for you.


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Its a friendly against a German team where fights are rare. I would be surprised if there are any fights
And there weren't any Maybe Saturday says more about Panthers current state of pre-season than Krefeld's propensity to fight. We have had a full roster for all pre-season and are already working as a team
Tonight was good


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Awesome result and one that will no doubt make the rest of the league take note. I don't think we're going to miss Bordy for physicality at all, Louis and Faryna are definitely up for it. Drew Paris is also looking good.

Devils will be the team to beat this year.
Krefeld just got schooled, a team with an aggressive reputation will have to return home with the tail well and truly tucked between the legs.

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Wow. Devils did look comfortable tonight.
Outsmarted, out skated, out muscled and out scored a class German team.
All did their job and can only see them getting better. Also didn't have Lordo
on the ice. Loved it.


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That was a mightily impressive performance from the Devils tonight so early on in the season and a huge confidence booster to take into the upcoming CHL games. Superb stuff.


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Very good performance from the team tonight. Krefeld are a fast skating team and looked as though they would cause us plenty of problems in the first period. We absolutely outskated, out passed and out thought them in the 2nd period and were well worth the 5 - 0 lead going into the final period. Some dubious penalties enabled them to get their two goals, but they were a well beaten side by the end. Difficult to pick out individuals as the team as a whole played well, however, Paris continues to impress and fair play to Reddick, he puts in a good shift every time and never gives up ( I am still a little concerned with how he is going to deal with the larger type forwards he will face as he was brushed aside quite easily tonight a few times.) good to see Rutkis get a few shifts, probably due to Fournier being injured ? Bowns was solid and frustrated the Krefeld forwards on many occasions with great saves. Team gelling nicely so far.
Entertaining game
For the new guys I thought Paris, Reddick, Faryna, Pope all looked really good

Moore, Rutkiss and Crowther all worked pretty hard and look like good potential

Mo looks good, Bowns kept us in the game for the early part

Pre season awards
It's between Rutkiss and Crowther for best new hair

Also thanks to the ref for calling every little niggle and footballesqe dive as a penalty.
Normally i'd be pissed but in this case i think it's the perfect preperation for our
CHL games.
Awesome result.
Krefeld had some very flashy skaters but Joey Martin still stood out above them.
Most of last years players were outstanding. In particular Benti gave them some problems and Richie took the puck off them with ease.
Last week only Paris stood out though Crowder and Moore were also good. Tonight Pope and Faryna arrived. Pope looks very skillful and Farynas goal showed what this guy is all about. He is tenacious workhorse and so deserved that goal.
But the most exciting thing is the way this team work together so early on. If one guy makes a mistakes another guy picks up the puck. If we cant get the puck in after 4 shots Bryce pops up out of nowhere and puts it away.
Great team effort and great recruiting by Lordo.