Devils Vs Flyers - League - 16th Jan 22


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We dust ourselves down and go again. Devils welcome the Flyers to the Bay tonight for another 'Behind Closed Doors' Special. Devils will be looking to put Fridays disappointment behind them whilst Flyers have a only picked up one point in 4 games so will be looking to better their tally. No fans in the building tonight but the webcast is available and you can always cheer on the team here.

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I'm hoping we don't have that doughnut officiating for us tonight especially after Fridays proof of bad officiating.
No, Rose and Pering tonight. Sewell and Dalton reffed against Belfast. I’m hoping fans are back the next time those pair show their faces in Cardiff.


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Owen can be difficult to play against, but I've always felt that his lateral movement is a problem for him. Off the devils can get cross ice passes in they'll score.