Devils vs Flames - 14 Sept 19 - CC


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I thought Ferguson showed a lack of class in both fights. He had two or three extra digs when Pope and Reddick were flat out on the ice.
Pope could really do with a goal and he deserves a goal. I’ve been impressed with his all round contributions so far this season. He’s throwing his body around and he’s making sure that if he’s not contributing with goals then he’s contributing in other areas.
Given Ferguson had his fingers down popes throat I'm surprised he wasn't decked by Louis or someone, absolute cowardly way of fighting.


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Damage done first period, ambled through 2nd and if it wasnt for Fullerton devils may have finished with 8 or 9, Ben still the old rink rat few digs here and there think riley wanted to batter him at one stage. love the black kit those shirts will be hot property in the auctions, good to see shannon there as well..
Decent first domestic game, I didn't think the Devils played all that well myself, or maybe they were just holding back or something, Linglet looked unhappy for quite a lot of the game and even shouted at his line mates after one of the flames goals.


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Not that impressed tbh. Always a danger when teams get within 2 goals of what really should have been a far more comfortable win. We allowed their forwards far too much space at times and could have been punished further, defence needs to up the game tonight and show more of the great CHL grit and put the game away early. Well worth the win but we need to be more ruthless at times.


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Sometimes i have to laugh at this forum and everyone is allowed their opinion of course but "Didn't play all that well", "Not that impressed", a wins a win at the end of the day. If we win by a shed full it will be "Boring" if we lose it will be "need better signings" , what does this team have to do? Win at any cost, easy, ugly or difficult but we won so that's all that matters.