Devils Vs Brûleurs de Loups - Conti Cup - 19th Nov 23 - FO 19:15 (18:15 UK)


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If I remember correctly it was announced by the Thursday or Friday after the semi finals last year. Excited to find out though.

Todd will probably put a solid bid for us to host it. Katowice too as they're Logistically easy to reach. Herning would be a bit of a nightmare
Herning isn’t that bad to get to. Few options


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fair play Bowns is back at the top of his game this season so far. great performance from him. The boys played well, the odd sloppy pass but lots of movement on the ice , that last game was none stop-movement well done to all.


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Finally back home and I'm broken.
Thank you to those involved in sorting tickets. Such a brilliant weekend.

As for the game.... what's been noticeable for me the last few weeks is how Crandall is stepping up and finding his old form. This team needs the likes of him and Ully to be pulling the strings. Fair play to Crandall he worked is ass off this weekend.
Bowns was first class, Batch looked good and positionally sound. Joey still can't buy a goal but his work rate hasn't fallen off. Arniel just looked composed and so confident. The guys must be knackered. Thankfully not much travelling this weekend for them.


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These Devils fans are something else!! Singing loud and proud 20 mins after the final whistle
It was amazing by far the loudest fans (tbf not many from Zemgale or Nomads) but completely outshouted the home fans. We bumped into Cody and River before final game, they were asked can you hear us ? Hell yeah was the reply !