Devils Vs Blaze - 09 Feb 19 - League


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Massive game tonight to keep us rolling especially after our performance in the second and third last week. We looked back to the team of old.

Get an early goal and control it


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I used to enjoy Noble getting squished but i told Wagstaff i would let it lie.
Haha, I wouldn’t want to kill your fun, so squish away, he’s not the Noble of old, in fact he’s almost invisible these days.
My first full season of hockey was the Olson Dideomete year and our rivalry was immense, I’m not sure it’s the same these days, it’s more of if we can scrape a point we’re doing ok.
Should be an easy win for you with the quality you have, but don’t sit on a small lead as we are currently the comeback kings, taking all our recent games to the wire.
Have fun my Welsh friends
I will keep up on line


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The fighting spirit was good tonight, but boy do we make it difficult for ourselves. Credit to Blaze who harried really hard and made us work for every shot. But after we equalised it was like they thought we’d go on to win automatically. The Blaze’s 2nd & 3rd goals were infuriating- devils players were doing the hockey equivalent of sitting in deck chairs sipping margaritas. But they fought back well, and that confidence is a good quality.