CHL Jerseys online now

I'd go a size or two up on regular jersey sizing if anyone does get the CHL jersey.

I used to be a medium in CH/BS before Panthers went to Warrior. With Warrior, I went with Medium assuming it'd be the same sizing.. Barely fit me, bottom of the jersey was about 2cm below the top of my jeans and the arms ended about halfway up the forearm. I then went for a Large, length wise it was fine but the arms were still the issue and went down to the top of my wrist.

I love the Panthers ones but I think I'm just going to leave it and wait for the Game Worns. More expensive but they're stitched name and number I believe and obviously have the added factor of being worn.
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What are the standard jerseys sizing like now? I'm a large in t shirts and hoodies, should i go with large or extra large for room?
Standard jersey is definitely bigger than CHL jersey, i have a large CHL jersey and a large standard jersey. The standard jersey is bigger in every dimension.