Blaze re-sign


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Danny Stewart will again be the Coach leading the Blaze, Blaze we’re looking very good last season and were certainly the form team, when the league closed. A strong Blaze team can only be good for the game.


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glad to see this, he did a great job , they had a good season. if he gets the right makeup of players they could be a team to Dredd playing.


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Danny Stewart's team had their best season yet under his coaching. He has the knack of unearthing some real gems of players. Motte was the envy of the league last season. Ferrera and Venus seem to have flourished in the last two years.

Hope Blaze continue to be a nemesis team... expect us to be holding our breath again in future Devils/Blaze match ups!


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Great re-signing for Blaze. Assembled a solid this season team and I think they’d have picked up some silverware.

I think he needed a good season after the past few - especially with their favourite son kicking around looking for a new coaching role!


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After a few years of fan disquiet, the last couple of seasons have seen Danny start to show his worth, this season has been magical for us and I think tactic wise Danny has shown that even on a tight budget, he can be a match for any other coach in our league.
Great to see him as the first returner, now to bring back the whole of last seasons squad to finish what they started!


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Great re-signing by you guys, Stewart certainly is putting his stamp on the team, luke must have been courted by a few clubs but must have huge faith in the coach. Glad for you lads we need a strong Blaze team. Stay Safe.


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A fantastic re-signing for the Blaze. A young player who was undoubtedly of interest to other teams and will be an anchor at the Blaze for a while yet. Ferreira has flourished since his departure from Steelers.


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He prob had back of his mind of coventry best player the season before ben lake, all clubs were after him and he ended up in belfast and turned out just an ordinary player, bit of a damp squib realy