Blaze pre-season ticket prices


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Surprised Coventry are charging the full price for the pre-season games. I thought they’d want to encourage people to go maybe for the first time and therefore like other clubs introduce lower ticket prices.

Thinking twice now about going

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Well I just looked to buy panthers game ticket and it says 17 pound.
Usually 18 pound in that block so if they wanna reduce tickets by 1 pound it's stupid.


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Think the £1 reduction is the removal of the "booking fee", "admin charge", or whatever they call it these days.
Just bought 7 tickets for the HK Poprad friendly on the 18th ... that was a few quid! But it's my stag so gotta be done

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Nope the £1 booking fee still applies.
1 ticket block 8 where I usually sit £18.

Thats to steep for a friendly sorry.
The friendly tix (without booking fee) is £17 for block 8 - for CHL it is £19

So there is a difference

Unless Coventry had increased their prices and they’re now £20!

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