Bigger rink (in theory)


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forget all comments about seating in gantries etc, if we were given a plot of land to build a new rink, where would you want it built? I personally like the current location.

Also how many seats would we need? our current rink nearly sells out or does sell out every week but I am not convinced we could fill something as big as steelers or Nottingham have. I think maybe 4500 would be easily big enough as nothing looks worse than an empty rink on matchday.

This is just a bit of fun, I am not a developer or planning on building a new rink for us!


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Firstly Sheffield and Nottingham are not rinks, they are multi purpose venues with a ice pad, which can be a pain in the arse trying to plan dates for hockey around other performances. When Sorac set out on its crusade for a new home, it’s objective was a 4,000 seater as it was thought at the time to be the perfect capacity, however two pads was needed to cater for all ice users, and space was at a premium especially as the developers of the land had to build it at their own cost, also the BBT at that time was getting 1200/1500 people in under the last regime. So I agree 4500 would be neat, and seeing as we have been down the bay for over 10 yrs, I also agree were it is now.


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Glyn - your 'were' is as bad as your 'their' or lack of it as the case may be.
Try 'where'
As for the question, how about take the old CIA down and put it there. Agree on 4500.
The Bay is great but not linked to any good transport systems. Get that sorted and the Bay is the perfect venue. As far as size, with current ownership and momentum 4,500 is the right figure. Don't forget mind when IAW was planned the current capacity was considered the right amount so that answer will never be sorted


Don't forget mind when IAW was planned the current capacity was considered the right amount so that answer will never be sorted
I'm pretty sure the number of seats in the IAW was constrained by the available land. desire to add 'added value' options like a 'dance studio' etc. 4000~ was the ideal capacity at the time but they couldn't fit all the seats in. (see also double stacked benches, tiny changing rooms that had to be knocked together )


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I agree 4500 max but don't like the location because of the lack of infrastructure

Build where are for sure but build in restaurants and bars. Maybe a hotel. It must be grim to arrive as an a way fan 1st time and find nothing there.

Anyone know the state of the waterfront development which would address this

Anyway as it stands this approach requires ambition and strong local marketing for non-game revenue

Ambitious -yes but this is for fun and maybe the odd (don't say very please) dream


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I don't think 4500 is enough. It's enough if we want it to be good for a year or two, but Sheffield, Nottingham and Belfast regularly pull in more than this. We should want to be the biggest club in the UK and should strive for that if the opportunity is there. 7k minimum for me. Maybe 5.5k with retractable 1.5k.

Id take a carbon copy of the Odyssey on Belfast and put it in town. That would be perfect.

The new 10k seat arena that the council want to build had an ice pad in the plans so you never know.


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I think the new arena being touted by the council is the next big step in Devils return to prominence and allows a near perfect EIHL and European business model if the right deals can be struck. If you can get a twin venue deal to use both arenas. The big one for the big gate games and IAW for the smaller then it really would be boom time for the Devils. Who knows what the next decade holds but if all the stars aligned Devils could be establishing themselves as a serious name within European hockey. It's nice to dream. Three ice pads in Cardiff would be a crazy turn around for a city with a tent less than two years ago.


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I'd also be amazed if the Devils management don't have one eye on the new arena or even maybe in discussions already.

Todd has a young family and he like the rest of the ownership are ambitious. This isn't a bit of fun for him after his career is finished, he will want to make money so I very much doubt will settle for IAW for anything more than short term. The Devils have hit their absolute ceiling in IAW and however you look at it that will never change.


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IAW perfect for me, its a pity houses are being built on the old papermill site, think it was closed about 25 yrs ago couldve had a nice 5000 seater their easy for access as well.


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Blues are looking at the land on Dumbells road which is one of the sites the council were looking at for the 15k Arena, so close enough to walk into town etc and bus/train links etc. For me that's a great spot