Ben Blood

Real shame but no-one can begrudge an opportunity to play at that level. Good luck to Ben, made his mark very quickly, love to see him back some day. Will be interesting to see the D pairings tonight.


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For a guy who’s signing was criticised by a few on here he had become a stand out D man in this league. A great mix of what you want from a defenceman at both ends of the rink.

A two year Lliga deal though clearly a great move for him and credit to his play this year.

Just hope this doesn’t turn into a ready made excuse. Devils as a team need to face down this adversity and come out swinging. Easier said than done though.
Gutted he’s gone :(
That leaves us 3 imports short with blood and faryna not here and also the spare we was looking to carry is not here either.

We really need this big stay at home d man ASAP,


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Onwards and upwards, Good luck to Ben hope it works out well but i'm thinking now we're out of the CHL have we got as much pull for players to join us than when we were recruiting before the season?


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Shocked obviously, disappointed for us but can understand why. Great opportunity for him and I’m glad the organisation have stepped in ensured a decent compensation package.

The announcement of a new D man sounds promising, fingers crossed. Faith in Lordo et al of course.

Hopefully at the end of his contract there Benny considers coming back - I previously made a few observations about his PIMs (mainly I realised because of his CHL stats) but nevertheless he was a great asset and I am sad to see him go.

As big a player off the ice as he is on it.


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I'm sure Ben will be missed as a character and a player in the dressing room. Enjoyed his brief stay in the UK, but it must have been an excellent offer to turn down the MBA package as well. Two years at Liiga for one of the best teams in Europe is tough to say no to. Good luck Ben and thanks for the laughs


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Too big a deal for Ben to turn down, we wish him well, very good player and a real team guy, hopefully we haven’t seen the last of him. At least the club seem to have known about this for a number of days, and our coaching/ management team will be across this. Shame it’s happened with the Flyers plus MKL/ Giants this weekend, so now it’s up to our lads to put that extra effort in. Sorry to lose a real character, but we move on.


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His integridy remains intact for me as the club were kept informed.
definitely, and Tappara have played ball and agreed a compensation deal. I'd imagine our contracts contain clauses restricting movement of players on degrees unless they pay damages etc. Glad its all been done above board and hoepfully we will bring someone in to help the lads soon.


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Although hugely frustrating, I'd suggest this isn't the last we've seen of Ben in a Devils shirt. A couple of years in Finland, and he'll be 31, and provided he avoids injury, still an excellent asset in this league. A great character, I wish him well!