Behind the bench podcast


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Just to let you know that episode from last week isn't showing up on Stitcher in the updated list. I've listened elsewhere through google, but just in case you rely on the stitcher listeners for some traffic too.
Thanks for the heads up on this, we had some trouble with our provider and RSS feed, so i've updated the RSS feed in our stitcher dashboard so hopefully it will update.

And yes, we take traffic from everywhere we can! :D Stitcher is particularly useful as it has an Alexa extension.


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I had no idea they were on YouTube. I haven't been able to listen since I got rid of my Spotify account
HI Nathan,

yep we are on Youtube! the back catalogue is slowly being put there, and all new episodes will be put there as well!

It's international podcast day today, so please tell a friend about us! :)


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Hey all,

Firstly hope you are all staying safe and well, if you need some entertainment we have lots of new content we think you will love.

New Interviews with max Birbraer and Brent Walton, available now on Itunes, Spotify and Youtube.


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Episode will be dropping later tonight with the Majority of the 89/90 team, we interviewed:

Jeff Smith Jason wood John burnicle Stephen Cooper Shannon hope Archie nelson Nicky Chinn Ian Cooper Paul farmer John lawless Doug McEwen Steve Moria Robbie Morris Brian Wilkie Brian Kanewischer

We can't wait for you to hear it.