Bauer Skates For Sale

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Hi All
Selling my Boys Skates
Bauer N8000 Box size 8 EE shoe 8.5 price £225.00
Bauer supreme S150 Box size 9 EE shoe 9.5 £100.00
Both pairs are Deadstock brand new in Box not Baked/Sharpened Also got one pair of Bauer N8000 size 8.5 EEPrice £125.00 there used but in very good condition my Lad only used them in Training sessions for the junior devils all above skates are senior size
Contact us on 07974761346 Carl
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Hey bud,

Not trying to backseat moderate here, but you need to add prices as per the rules.

Also, just to confirm, these are junior skates right? Not senior?