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It’s no wonder so many people have stopped coming on here when you have to read this kind of rubbish.

If you genuinely didn’t think we dominated those first two periods then I would suggest you either have no knowledge of hockey at all or are just trolling to be controversial.

That was perhaps one of the best performances I have seen from a Devils team. The standard of hockey was off the charts.

I had two first time guests tonight who love their sport, and have never been to an ice hockey game before in their lives. They couldn’t believe we were 2-0 down as they thought we had ‘completely bossed the game’ (their words not mine).

Did you not see that their netminder won MOM for them? There’s a reason for that.
We all see games differently, that’s clear but is it really necessary to belittle someone’s opinion in this way? That’s more likely the reason less people come on here than someone having clearly a different opinion to you.
I have to say that I too didn’t think we dominated the game as several others have posted also in the game thread. I thought we edged the first, Panthers edged the second but we were clearly the better team in the third. Does that mean I’m trolling or spouting a load of rubbish too? I don’t think so, it’s how I saw the game - and some other posters, including RedDevil17 saw it. And as for questioning someone’s hockey knowledge on the back of that post, come on - if only hockey experts were allowed to post on the Inferno, it would be a pretty quiet place and you, I and the vast majority of fans wouldn’t be posting here either.


Head a rumour last night (and there are always plenty of those flying around the rink so make of it what you will) that we have 2 D ready to be announced next week.


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I can’t believe some on here are wanting us to sign rush into signing a defenceman just for the sake of it. Are we suddenly coached by Thommo?
Lord will take his time until the right player becomes available. And he will make sure he’s not just the right fit on the ice but off the ice too.
I thought Batch and Moore did brilliantly on D last night. Hopefully Richie will be back soon but to rush into the signing for the sake of a couple of games is ridiculous.
Who is suggesting we sign a D man for the sake of it? I think we need to get someone in as soon as possible and if the rumours are to be believed, so did the coach and management thankfully. But of course he has to be the right player, that’s obvious. I’m looking forward to getting one (or two) new D in the line up and getting some consistency in our defensive pairings (despite the sterling job that Batch and Moore are doing), as I’m sure the coach wants too.
2 high calibre players coming in within the next two weeks, was the rumour about last night the rink.

Interestingly (or not if it's shite), 2 D men is what a number of people were also saying.


The way Richie selflessly throws himself in front of the puck he's going to get a lot of knocks. Hopefully thats all it is and he will indeed be back soon.


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2 high calibre players coming in within the next two weeks, was the rumour about last night the rink.

Interestingly (or not if it's shite), 2 D men is what a number of people were also saying.
I've heard 1 D man one Forward, D man announced today and Forward Friday but all rumours right now!!!

jimmy snels

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have i missed an update on farayna injury? i liked it when we did those injury updates for a short while whilst disclosing little in detail "justin farayna is out for around ** days/weeks/months with a lower/upper body injury" is litrally the extent of what i want to know.
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He has a cast on his left hand seems very bad as his girlfriend had to put his coat on him the other night. He will be out till at least xmas
So I might've been a bit off on my assessment ...but I do know that we want someone in asap! A lot of players are holding out till after the AHL camps are over as expected! ...I'm super excited to see what happens though, the way we have played in games televised this year has been top notch! - Also if we managed to sign a player of Parisis Calibre earlier on, it will be interesting to see what type of player we can get when camps are over and players demands drop... Literally can't wait!!
Two players popped up today on Elite Prospects.
Mike Lundin D man leaving Jokerit i am sure Linglet would know him.
Mitchell McLain forward a college player looks like he has had a try out at the Wild.
No special knowledge of this but who knows?


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Looks like Lundin is not playing this year due to injury.
As for a forward, I was surprised by the rumours we were after a forward, so don't know what type of player we'll go for. Maybe a Faryna type player if he's out for a while?