Another honour for Dr P....


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Just as a heads up..... GBs match against Russia is live on Eurosport 2 on Thursday (3.15 face off I think....)

Not only do we have representation on the ice but the commentary is by BP wearing another one of his hats.....


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Also to note, Cardiff NIHL2 players Matt Downward (Forward), Luke Lawrence (Goalie), and former Cardiff NIHL1 player James Preece are featured in this team alongside Piggott!
A good effort but they lost 8-0 to the Russians today. If you get the chance to see the highlights do because pretty much all of Russia's goals were sublime.

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scottydoesntknow said:
the 8th goal by Mordvinov was magical! ...sign him up Brent!
It was pretty special!

Im guessing with Brent doing the commentary for Eurosports coverage that means he wont be on the bench this weekend?
I don't think he's in Italy so it only depends whether there's a clash between a televised game and ours. At the moment there isn't looking at the Eurosport listings. He didn't mention the Cardiff Devils at all though, and the Eliite League not nearly enough. Come on, Brent.

Anyway, well done Dr Piggot; when's the next game?

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