And now it's Richie

That's correct there will be plenty of players out of work, problem is most will be pretty bang average!! The half decent ones will get cherry picked by teams in league's which have resumed.

Stay safe in these difficult times..x


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As others have said, and we all probably knew anyway, the season is over for this year. We just await the announcement from the EIHL board. I'm guessing as we have no coach and only a few players, we will give a bye to Farjestad Karlstad in the Champions league too.

Lets hope we still have the same 10 teams taking part next September.


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I think we will, Neil Black, Tony Smith, and Todd have made comments that all the other teams will be back, and seeing that they have no outgoings why wouldn’t they.


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The only positive thing about this whole mess is all the EIHL teams will be starting from scratch in season 21/22 as all players may have had seasons elsewhere, so recruitment would be huge for EIHL teams.