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    Highlights of final!

    Download the Freesports app & it's free to watch on there
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    5 coaches needed

    I raise you Andrew Lord. Never coached a team before & became one of our most successful coaches. If the players want to play for him & like his style of play, then why not give him a go??
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    Stick signed by team wanted

    I've got one on ebay for sale, it's for my fundraiser if anyone is interested. Its a Reid team signed game issued/practice stick Its up for auction, but if you send an offer that will be considered too. Cheers.
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    **FUNDRAISER** Reid Game Issue/practice team signed Stick

    Hi everyone, I'm currently fundraising to purchase a defibrillator which will have 24 hour access to the public for installation on the outside of my work which is run by a non-profit charity & we have currently got a Brodie Reid team signed game issue/practice stick up for auction on ebay, if...
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    Jerseys for sale

    This jersey is available again if anyone is interested?
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    Riley Brandt added as injury cover for Lammon

    This bloke can throw some big hits, wowsers!!
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    The return of mcnally

    Did we sign him lol
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    Webcast a go-er.

    Agreed, id definitely watch a lot more games at £10 a game, but I find £15 just too big of a jump.
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    Webcast a go-er.

    Even if it is neat, I can't afford £15 extra everytime, its a heck of a jump in price. I refused to pay it to Sheffield & Belfast so I'm not going to start regularly pay it every week now, as I just don't have the funds for that unfortunately, even if I did, I still think its too high a price to...
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    New IIHF 2021/22 Fighting Rule

    Ah right I didnt realise as the twitter EIHL polls account has written it as if its a new rule for this season. I really hope its not brought in to our league.
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    New IIHF 2021/22 Fighting Rule

    Has anyone seen this possible new rule change in the EIHL if they follow the IIHF rule book to the letter, not sure if previously mentioned on here? Surely they won't bring it in after so many fighters have been signed up by teams? FIGHTING Under 21/22 IIHF rules a willing combatant being...
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    Webcast a go-er.

    I certainly won't be buying a webcast for that price unfortunately & if I do it will be just 1
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    Devils TV Livestream season 2021/22

    Devils have just announced they've changed to infinity21 to supply the livestream, the same company who does the Belfast, Sheffield & Manchester games. My only concern is the price has gone up to £15 a game now. Whats everyone's opinion...
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    2021/22 Roster - Rumours/Predictions

    Isn't there meant to be a gentleman's agreement on a salary cap this season?