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    Standing Area

    Better than "you're not singing at all....."?!
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    Standing Area

    Pathetic... Let it go and stay on topic.
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    Standing Area

    I'm not saying any of you have said that you're explicitly against it - I'm saying that there ARE people against it and I don't understand why when the players appreciate it and have been asking for the same in the arena and nobody is obliged to participate ‍♀️ This is precisely why I avoid...
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    Standing Area

    I guess the people who are against the idea of a dedicated area for people who want to sing/wave flags/support the team more vocally missed the interview where Todd said how awesome it was and how much the guys on the ice appreciated it *shrug* no one is obligated to get involved, but I think a...
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    Shirt purchase

    This is really disappointing. What a totally greedy and disrespectful move. I definitely won't be buying the jerseys that are made out of toilet paper, and honestly I feel like not buying a new jersey EVEN if they reinstate the ones we saw in August just out of principle. Really annoyed as these...
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    An Interview with Josh Batch

    Another interview by Oliver Hampson at Chasing The Puck. This time it's Josh Batch talking about his GB opportunity.
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    An Interview With Jesse Mychan

    An interview with Jesse Mychan. He talks about his time in Cardiff and expresses an interest in returning some day :)
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    Ben Blood Interview

    A neat interview with Ben Blood from this week if anybody is interested. He talks about his time in Cardiff.
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    Belfast double 22/23rd Feb 2019

    My partner is unable to come to Belfast now, but is getting reimbursed for everything from work. So if there is anybody who wants a return flight from Bristol, a return airport transfer and game tickets for both nights let me know. All you'd need to pay for is the name change on the flight which...
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    Devils Vs Giants - 19+20 Jan 19 - League

    I have 2 tickets together available for tonight's game, face value, block 11. I'm not going to make it back from Wiltshire in time for face off :( **SOLD**
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    Food and drink not aloud?

    The smuggling in of beer I can completely understand, with the monstrosities on offer at the bar. Why didn't I think of that...
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    Devils Vs Stars - 22 Dec 18 - League

    Still 2 periods left. Fancy it for a fiver? Lol
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    Devils Vs Stars - 22 Dec 18 - League

    I've got 2 spare tickets together for the game tonight if anyone wants them? £20 for the pair
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    4pm Faceoff ...

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    4pm Faceoff ...