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    Faryna Leaves

    Hold on everyone - the rumour about Mick Kemp was first posted on here (a couple of pages ago). I have zero doubt that this has now gone around other fans who don't use the Inferno so much. We still have zero confirmed information as to why Faryna has left. Unless someone is willing to say 'I...
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 1 Dec 18 - League

    On a non-fighty point - 3 point night for Duggan tonight is a very good night. I think he grew in to the game, took his goal well. Linglet getting 3 A’s as well, and Fournier putting up 4. Should be a happy trip home if nothing else.
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 1 Dec 18 - League

    Absolutely, and whilst I’m not sure we need McSorley-types looking out for Joey and Linglet, it didn’t seem like anyone even had a chat or reacted in any way. Obviously I could be wrong and maybe words were shared, but we seemed flat after it. As for who fights if we need to I think Faryna is...
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 1 Dec 18 - League

    I mean you’ve read a lot in to that which I didn’t say. I’m not saying any particular player needs to fight, I’m saying that letting Martin take hits like that without even a threat of retribution will encourage teams like Nottingham to put the hits on him as well. It’s hardly a new idea in...
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    Flyers Vs Devils - 1 Dec 18 - League

    This is the reaction we’ve been looking for in the other games where we started poorly or went behind. The push up in gears, some of the players really standing up and showing what they are capable of as we saw early in the season. And I normally don’t agree with RedDevil, but Joey taking a...
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    Devils Vs Panthers - 17 Nov 18 - League

    That was a great game to be at tonight. The crowd were up for it from the beginning, but so were the team. Things went a little flat in the second on both fronts, but the third was very tense if not the loudest. Thought Garnett was superb, made 3 or 4 top class saves, as well as us hitting the...
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    Sell Out

    One of the big things I found when we were away watching the CHL is that the drummer doesn’t really stop. They tend to have a bass drum type drum as opposed to a floor tom, and they sort of provided the rhythm of the whole thing. It also allowed for those who might sometimes feel a little...
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    Devils Antibullying Videos

    The treatment of Reddick was disgraceful. I’m sure 99% of those posting things were just being passionate, but they need to think of the impact of their words. As well as simply remembering their manners, on twitter or in the real world. Imagine if someone spoke to you like that, or your child...
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    Panthers vs Devils - 4 Nov - League

    Yup, this thread has done it. I’m done with the Inferno. There’s having an opinion, but sometimes you should really consider whether or not your opinion is garbage. There are some of you who, regardless of how long you’ve been watching, haven’t a clue about ice hockey. Or sport in general by...
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    Panthers vs Devils - 4 Nov - League

    I still don’t understand the Reddick issues some people on here have, he’s consistently been one of our better performers, and Lordo also appears to think along the same lines, with the player of the season award and the ice time he gives him. But let’s not turn this in to the anti-Reddick...
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    Lack of atmosphere

    I think the key to atmosphere is not necessarily big smashing hits and goons punching each other, but competition and genuine excitement. The last period against Red Bull at home, and generally speaking the first couple of periods in the early league games were all a great atmosphere. I even...
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    Teams penalty minutes

    Wow, Manchester trying to be the league’s goon squad. Difficult to give penalties away when you have the puck so much. I imagine our PIM’s in the CHL are very different.
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    PJJ - if we continue this sensible discussion then we may very well find ourselves banned! That is substantially more than I thought, as none of the guys I go with work weekends I tend to forget that it’s an issue. Like you say, reasonable and researched times which will benefit the club is...
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    4pm Faceoff ...

    I might be being naive here, but surely there can’t be such a high percentage of retail workers who are also attending Devil’s fans that we should be arranging game times around their schedules? 4 p.m. works for me, 6 p.m. works for me. I do think those of us who post on here do, on occasion...
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    CHL against Continental Cup

    I’m not sure the comparison is more Champions League v Intertoto Cup. It’s not a trophy I’m bothered about, but if we ever ended up in it I’d obviously want us to win it.