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    Devils Vs Flyers - 05 Jan 20 - League

    We definitely made hard work of that last night. Defensively we seem to go to sleep way too often. Why anyone would slam a pass straight at someone’s skates (as happened in their first goal) I’m not sure. But worse than that was the immediate turn around and going to sleep, as if they were...
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    Panthers and blaze kit clash

    Did anybody else spot the delightful bit of copycatting from the Panthers? City skyline along the base of your jerseys? Seen that before somewhere...
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    Joey Haddad

    Preeeetty sure you’ve just missed some industrial strength sarcasm there 666. Joey is fully fit and firing. The guy is a possession machine, and this year it’s falling in to place for him again. I have no intention of gloating, but last year was an injury riddled season for him. But his class...
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    Storm Vs Devils - 16 Nov 19 - League

    Trolls getting more active on here. Too dark and cold for you guys to be outside shouting obscenities at passing cars? Haddad has absolutely flown in to the start of the season. The guy has battled so much in the last two years, great to see him fit and firing, proving people whose only...
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    New Signing!

    Seriously, some of you guys need to get over the fact that Reddick proved you all wrong. Reddick becoming the 7th D man is just silly. Great signing, looking to seeing him play up close.
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    Standing Area

    I was actually otherwise engaged and I missed the whole Twitter furore. I made the mistake of going back to read through it. The gist of it is that several people (though from names and twitter handles they seem to all sit very close together from what I know) are upset they didn’t get...
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    Devils vs Storm - 5 Oct 19 - League

    Unsurprisingly, I think we on here are rumbling towards the negative again. Offensively we had some good looks, occasionally stopped by very good saves and occasionally we took the wrong option in front of goal. But in a game where the opposition clearly came to make it as physical as possible...
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    steelers vs Devils - 29 Sept 19 - League

    Difference between us and them over the last few years - scraping an away win against one the arena teams is now something we view as being subpar. They’re pleased to have been so close to us. I don’t think we’ve even hit 3rd gear in the league yet, and there could be a combination of reasons...
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    Blaze vs Devils - 22 Sept 19 - CC

    Arrogant performances all round. We’ve looked slow and uninterested. CHL wins are one thing, but conceding 11 goals in two games is simply not good enough. Pathetic stuff. They should be on the ice in the morning putting in the effort they didn’t put in this weekend. I made more of an effort...
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    Devils vs Clan - 21 Sept 19 - League

    Didn’t post anything last night because it was all a bit meh. We looked lethargic and slow, as though we were in first gear the entire game. Whether this was a touch of arrogance or simply tired legs I’m not sure. But we really didn’t get out ahead of anything, we cycled the puck on every...
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    Shirt purchase

    Pleased it’s being sorted, glad to see I’ll be getting what I ordered. Pity about the wait, but these things happen.
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    Devils vs Graz 99ers - 1 Sept 19 - CHL

    Top of the group after two games. Absolutely bonkers stuff. At times today we looked the better team by a long way, lots of pressure and opportunities created. Whatever we’ve been feeding Batchy over the summer, let’s get him some more. He was outstanding all game. Flying out to Prague on...
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    Devils vs Mountfield HK - 30 Aug 19 - CHL

    My heart hates the CHL. But the rest of me loves it. From the second onwards there are many shout outs, but I thought McNamee was outstanding tonight. Myers, Fournier, Bowns, and the rest. Ridiculous stuff. Bring on Graz, we’re the Cardiff Fucking Devils
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    How important is the CHL

    I love it. The CHL games are played at a pace we only saw in the league last year against Belfast. The hockey is better, we play better, and I get to visit new, random places I might never have gotten to see otherwise. Salzburg and Bern were amazing last year. But for me it just feels special...
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    Rumours & Offseason Nonsense 2019/20

    I’ll have you know that Eric Djemba-Djemba is a legend. I’ll have no bad words said against him. Of course, I’m not a United fan, so that might be why I enjoyed that so much. But, still, a legend I say!