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    Devils qualify for next season's CHL !

    I’d be disappointed if you were banned. I’d also be surprised if they recognised any of the players from NHL games. Let’s just say our players don’t exactly get a lot of character modelling time. But there’s always a selfish element to this, and Bern away was one of my favourite sporting...
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    BBT - Rising from the ashes (with a funky new facelift), oh and ..... welcome to Ice Hockey in Leeds !!!!!

    Lads, we found one. His name was Benny Blood and he went about putting in hits, winding people up, putting up some decent numbers and generally endearing himself to the crowd. Unfortunately we were in the CHL, people got to watch him and he got picked up by a better team in a better league. The...
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    Devils qualify for next season's CHL !

    I’m not sure the CHL and Jr Devils development are mutually exclusive. Success brings fresh eyes to the game (just compare the BBT crowds with what we get today) and this will naturally lead to more interest in playing the game. Even I’ve bought some skates and I’m nearly 30. You can all rest...
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    Devils qualify for next season's CHL !

    Scorelines wise we were quite close, but of all the games, those two were the ones where I felt pretty early on that we weren't going to win. Perhaps 'miles off' was a bit OTT, but they were definitely better than us. As compared to say the game in Bern where I thought we were, at times, the...
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    Devils qualify for next season's CHL !

    We were miles off against Salzburg, who were just better than us in both games. Though the away leg we were a little unlucky in the third. But then again they have a huuuuuge budget and made the Semi-Final. Lost to Bern once in overtime, and conceding a goal in the last 5. Lost once in OT to...
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    Devils qualify for next season's CHL !

    Looking at the DEL I don't think Berlin are going to get across the line to qualify this year, unless they win the play-offs. I'd love to go back to Switzerland again, and don't really mind where the other team are. Would be nice to be able to do the trip like last September so Central Europe...
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    4pm F/off ...

    Regardless of age group, whether you’ve been there since 1986 or have only watched this season, the Devils don’t exist to serve anyone particular type of fan. Whether you’re a season ticket holder or a newbie, the only interest considered is ‘does this get money in the bank’. I didn’t go...
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    There was quite a lot of anger in the arena about the way that winning goal was awarded. If we’re going to grow the league we can’t have nonsense like that happening, with a bloke passing his laptop in to the penalty box so the refs can have a look.
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    Giants Vs Devils - 22 & 23 Feb 19 - League

    Mistakes happen. The only way to deal with them is to get back on the horse and not make the same one again. Looking back at it we had some very good chances to get ahead which we didn’t take, but obviously they won’t get the same attention as mistakes at the back. Lessons learned, on to tonight.
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    Flyers vs Storm brawl

    Bans seem fair to me. It does seem that DOPS could do with a bit more clarity in their explanations, which are wordy but often fail to get across the thought process behind why individual bans are of certain lengths when compared to others (the below isn't based on anything, just using the...
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    Hopefully not another Capitals situation!

    Yup, that's the response he should have given.
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    Hopefully not another Capitals situation!

    This does seem to be an inappropriate way for this story to get out. Tony Smith could have put a lid on the whole thing and let the legal issues be resolved behind closed doors. It’s also stating that there will be no investment in the team until next season, essentially saying to MK fans...
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    Guildford vs Devils Feb 10th

    I am pleased you’ve been able to confirm this. I’ve been questioning my eyes ever since your post!
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    POFW tickets (here we go again)

    Abroad, my mate last year made a right mess of ordering the tickets, and emailed He got a pretty quick response to be fair, and they sorted it. Might be worth a go to see.
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    Player Abuse

    I haven't seen the Westerling nonsense. I would apply what I've said to anything said in the direction of a player, whether they play for the Devils or not. I had a lot of arguments/banter with Panthers fans about Rissling's hit. At no point did I feel the need to go to the man directly to seek...