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    Växjö Lakers Vs Devils - Tue 9 Oct - CHL

    I for one am expecting Växjö to come out and try to dominate this game as they can *still* qualify for the knockout stages of the competition and as last year's runners up I'm sure that they will be looking to give it every shot to progress. However, they haven't had the best of starts to their...
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    Patrick Asselin signs in Germany

    A great pick up for Herner EV 2007 for the rest of the season! Just scrolling through EliteProspects and Herner seem to be sat in second place of the Oberliga Nord behind the Tilburg Trappers. By all means this is not a terrible standard of Hockey and the league includes several EIHL alumnus...
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    Paul Crowder

    It won’t!
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    Some people need to have a serious look at themselves after reading what I just have and take a second to think about if they really want to post what they’ve just written before doing so. You never know what’s going through a players head at a certain time and you’ve got to remember that these...
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    Elite League Discipline from Devil V Blaze

    This beyond a joke now, the league are making it look like fighting a coach and fan is perfectly fine now! How does Olson come away with nothing but a match penalty being erased from his record? :?