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    Devils Vs Panthers - 22 Jan 20 - CC Semi Final

    We started the same last Saturday v squealers. The shots on goal do not reflect the shots AT GOAL. These chances are golden and our forwards are not converting. I can ssee the point that they are going top shelf but more of a chance rebound if the shot is on goal. With our inability to build...
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    CC. SEMI

    I await the obligatory "Its not fair I cant get tickets for the final" post when we sweep aside the panties.
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    The Other Great Reds Liverpool

    Other great reds Stalin, Bayern Munich, Wales Rugby, Frolunder Indians, Mountfield. (oh sorry forget the last 3 as they are connected to Ice Hockey & the Country we live in. Must be on wrong forum.
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    Play Off Finals Weekend

    Lucky for me I have someone who can q for me. However i do feel that some of the allocation SHOULD be made available to those who will only be able to telephone to book tickets. Granted when they gone they gone but at least they have some chance of getting tickets. Alternative thinking could be...
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    Riley called up to Spengler Cup

    Not a Dickie Bird about this on EIHL website. You would think they would want to shout this from roof tops.
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    Best Devils Fighter...?

    Mike MacWilliam. The original and for me only #24
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    Songs and Chants suggestions thread

    whilst the performance on the ice was poor last night. Was surprised how quiet block 13 went for the last 10 minutes. The silence reverberated around the Viola.
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    Challenge Cup Qtr Finals

    Cup and league games should be kept separate. Tactics are completely different especially when 2 legs are involved. Happen'd twice i seem to remember in the tent against Blaze. Got to the stage where 2 points for league were in jeopardy or push for a place in next round of Cup. Mind you that...
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    EIHL Highlights on Freesports

    having watched more webcasts over the last 3 years I have to say Stars, Storm, Steelers, Blaze commentary are all very good and call the game as they see it. If their team is performing poorly or Devils are dominating (not as often this season) then it is mentioned, to their credit. The shear...
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    Clan Vs Devils - 13 Nov 19 - League

    I understood exactly what you meant re the officials at the moment. Big calls are going unpunished while small poxy calls are getting 2min. This is leading to frustration with players. These are calls for both teams as well. I was shown a clip of Benti on his knees facing away from the clan...
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    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    I'm sure on EIHL website it said the picked Storm. If that's the case the please ignore my post. Dhoo.
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    Player watch .....

    I was one of those who was keen to see him in a Devils shirt. His CV with Lakers was impressive, as was his performance against us in 2 CHL campaigns. But as it has been pointed out , not doing so well in EIHL.
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    Devils v Blaze - Challenge Cup 30/10

    Poor 1st period. Far better 2nd & 3rd. The way we are defending at the moment I will take the win and qualification to the quarter's. Talking of which, (may need new thread) Dundee have already picked Storm as opponents when it is still possible that they will not progress to next stage. I...
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    Devils v Flames

    next 3 games are CC. Even if we finish bottom we still can go through by playing and beating the bottom team in the other 3 team group. More chance of getting injuries. This should be a prestigious trophy to win but seems to have become a matter of fact piece of silverware to have. Just my thoughts.
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    Devils vs Stars - 10 Oct 19 - League

    Having travelled back on Wednesday from Sweden I was somewhat tired going to the game last night. Bearing in mind I hadn't played or been run ragged the best team in Europe (3 times CHL champions) the night before who were all out for a win. I think the scheduling of this league game was one...