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    Devils Parking update

    Took me 40mins to get out of toys r Us car park it’s not for me again. The build up of traffic on the main road from Iaw and pool car park was the main problem as cars couldn’t get onto the main road due to these cars waiting at traffic lights.
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    Andrew Hotham

    Just before the lap of honor from Devils players, Todd, asked for Myers to go to the players bench as they have been trying to get a message to Todd, after some going back to fought etc nothing never happen apart from a photo at the end. Maybe the plan was to get Andrew a home crowd send off...
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    Braehead Clan v Cardiff Devils - Wed 24 Jan 2018 - League - FO 7:30 - Chat/Updates

    hi all, strange one but does anybody no the song played in the video clip at 06:50mins please,
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    Premier Sports / Virgin Media / SD

    Ok Cheers Calklein, I will give it a go and see how it goes
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    Premier Sports / Virgin Media / SD

    Hi all, Does anybody no the quality of the ice hockey streaming watching on Virgin media with there only SD package? I am thinking of joining up as you get lots of ice hockey on offer to watch but not sure what the quality will be like with SD, i was also thinking of getting the app package in...